Is There a Perfect Luxury Watch for Everyday?

Is there really a perfect luxury watch for everyday? The team at Seiko would certainly have you believe so with their Grand Seiko line of watches. Grand Seiko is everything a practical luxury watch should be: practical outcomes with no unnecessary elaboration or undue decoration. Grand Seiko focuses on the pure essentials of watchmaking: to be as accurate, as reliable, as legible and as comfortable to wear as can be achieved. In fact, each Grand Seiko is adorned on the case back with a lion as a symbol of the “king of watches.”

The Grand Seiko line has been around since 1960, but only in Japan. That is, until 2010, when the makers of the Grand Seiko finally decided the rest of the world would appreciate the simplicity, purity and practicality of the design. Even now, it is only available through an exclusive network of retail specialists. Windsor Jewelers is proud to be one of those retail specialists and the only store in North Carolina to carry the Grand Seiko line of men’s and women’s watches.

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Nine Enduring Elements of the Grand Seiko Style

The Grand Seiko Style is a “design language” of simplicity, purity and practicality. Here are the nine design elements that you’ll find in every Grand Seiko:

Seiko 12 oclock1: Double width index at 12 o’clock emphasizes the vertical 12 to 6 o’clock line that aids easy reading of the time.




Rectangular markers2: Multi-faceted rectangular markers make legibility easy, even in low light conditions.




Polished Bezel3: Highly polished bezel is distinctive, super smooth, and distortion-free.




Polished surfaces4: Multiple polished surfaces on the case reflect light even in dim conditions, creating a sharp, crisp visual impression.




Seiko Half recessed crown5: Half recessed crown guarantees wearing comfort for all wrist sizes.




Seiko Flat Dial6: The flat dial makes the hour markers and hands more prominent, further enhancing legibility.




Seiko faceted hands7: Multi-faceted hour and minute hands are highly polished and catch and reflect even the smallest glimmer of light for better visibility in dim lighting conditions.




Seiko Curved Sideline8: Curved sideline softens the overall impression of the case.




Seiko Reverse Slanted Bezel and Case9: Reverse slanted bezel wall and case side add dramatic character while also making the watch look thinner and lighter.




The Outstanding Function Beneath the Form

Grand Seiko incorporates unparalleled practical design, but there is also outstanding function beneath the form. Three distinct movement types are available across the Grand Seiko line of watches: quartz, mechanical, and spring drive. Windsor Jewelers carries them all.

Since their introduction of the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, Seiko has perpetually led the world in quartz innovation. Their latest Caliber 9F design pushes the limits of quartz once more, and it might just be the best quartz watch ever built. Here are some of the unique features:

  • It’s astonishingly accurate, with gain/loss measured in just seconds per year.
  • The Twin Pulse Control Motor allows the use of the long and wide hands for which Grand Seiko is known.
  • The Backlash Auto-Adjust Mechanism enables the second hand to advance precisely with no shuddering.
  • The Instant Date Change Mechanism changes the date display in 1/2000th of a second.

The stylish and elegant SBGX061 model is a great example of the Caliber 9F functionality. It boasts an incredible accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year, a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal face cover.

Seiko Watch

Long Live Mechanical Movements

The goal was to create the best mechanical watch for everyday use. Born from this, the Caliber 9S design inherits the spirit of the first Grand Seiko from 1960. The accuracy of a mechanical watch depends greatly on the precision of its hundreds of individual parts. All the components of each Caliber 9S mechanical watch are:

  • Made in-house by Seiko
  • Manufactured to ensure the very highest levels of precision
  • Produced using a cutting-edge manufacturing technology originally developed for semiconductors

Seiko watch Hi-BeatThe new Hi-Beat 36000 Model SBGJ017 exemplifies the best of that Caliber 9S has to offer. As the name implies, the Hi-Beat models have a VPH (vibrations per hour) of 36,000. That describes the number of times that a vibrating timekeeping component completes a vibration cycle in one hour. Basically, more vibrations per hour yields higher timekeeping accuracy and indicates a higher precision mechanical movement.





The Best of Both Worlds: Spring Drive

Seiko Calibre 9RThe development of the Spring Drive movement for the Caliber 9R was made possible because Seiko is one of the very few manufacturers with expertise in both mechanical and quartz watches. What is a spring drive? It is essentially a hybrid of mechanical and quartz. Spring Drive is Seiko’s exclusive movement that achieves an unprecedented level of accuracy by regulating a spring-driven watch with state-of-the-art electronic technology that functions without batteries or other external power source.

The Spring Drive Chronograph Caliber 9R Model SBGC005 is shows how this revolutionary movement is combined into a masterpiece of watchmaking. With its glide motion hands, Spring Drive is the only watch in the world to reflect the true, continuous nature of time.

There’s no doubt that Grand Seiko is the ultimate luxury watch for everyday. Thoughtful design and precision craftsmanship bring to life a watch that can be worn any day and for every occasion. Stop by the Windsor Jeweler locations in Winston-Salem or Charlotte and let our sales professionals guide you to the perfect Grand Seiko for you or that special person in your life.