Shop Local This Holiday Season! 3 Reasons It’s Better

Buying locally this holiday season is actually more than just a feel-good slogan. It’s a great practice to consider. When it comes to shopping at a big box or national jewelry chain vs. a local shop like Windsor Jewelers based right here in North Carolina, the advantages become very clear. Here, we present three of the top reasons to answer the question, why shop local?

Reason #1: Your Money Stays in the Community

At the most basic level, when you buy locally, significantly more of your money is returned back into the local economy in the form of purchases from other businesses and service providers.

In fact, dollars spent at community-based merchants create a multiplier in the local economy, meaning, that from each dollar spent at a local independent merchant, up to $3.50 is put back into the local economy compared to a dollar spent at chain-owned businesses.

Windsor Winston-SalemBy shopping at the corner store instead of a national chain, you also keep your community from becoming a “ghost town” (areas devoid of neighborhood shops and services) or “clone town,” where every Main Street looks like every other Main Street with the same fast-food and retail chains. Both of our Windsor Jewelers locations proudly support our local communities through giving and beautification and strive to add to their uniqueness. From the beginning, Rob Simon, our founder here at Windsor Jewelers, had a dream to make Windsor Jewelers the finest independent jewelry store within the Carolinas – a store which would offer an unparalleled buying experience for each and every client who walked through the door.  Proud to Celebrate 30 Years in Luxury Jewelry

Reason #2: You Actually Get More for Your Money

Windsor Storefront CharlotteMany people will make the argument that buying from local, independently-owned retailers is more expensive based on the bulk purchase midset. However, you really get more for money in terms of quality and expertise. Local business owners typically hand select which products to offer in their stores instead of relying on large purchases of duplicate items.  This gives us the freedom to choose to offer only the items that are of the utmost interest to our patrons. That helps keep product quality at the highest level instead of offering sub-par products purchased in bulk to keep costs low. Besides, when investing in a special jewelry item or timepiece, do you really want it to be the same as everyone else’s?

30 Years at Windsor JewelersAt Windsor Jewelers, we bring only the highest quality diamonds, jewelry and timepieces to our local markets. Our staff is comprised of certified subject matter experts so that we can provide you with the extraordinary experience you’d expect from a local retailer. In fact, we pride ourselves on bringing in international designers and watchmakers from brands such as Charles Krypell, John Hardy, and Patek Phillipe on a regular basis. You can actually meet the designer in person and see, touch and feel the unique jewelry and timepieces. That will never happen at on online retailer or mall chain store.

Reason #3: You Get a Better Selection of Unique Products

Windsor Jewelers features Charles KrypellSmall businesses tend to be laser-focused on what they provide. If you want a rare, first edition antique book, you’re more likely to find it at a corner bookstore that specializes in antique books. A big-box retailer won’t be able to offer that antique book due to their overhead costs and the low demand. A retail scene with many smaller specialty shops benefits you by providing a broader range of unique product options.  We know that our customers have discriminating tastes and value that uniqueness.

At Windsor Jewelers, we offer an eclectic mix of specialty jewelry, timepieces, and gift items that you just won’t find in other chain stores. In some cases, such as with Grand Seiko watches, we are the only retailer in the state of North Carolina to carry an exclusive brand. We are dedicated to only representing the brands that live up to our high standards for quality and service. Right from the start, Rob Simon brought in major international brands like Roberto Coin, John Hardy, TAG Heuer, Breitling, and many others which had never before been seen in the Carolinas.

Windsor Jewelers features fine watchesWhen you ask “Why shop local?,” it’s quite clear that there are added benefits to you, the retailer and your shared community. We’d love for you to visit us and see why our selection, expertise, and services set us apart.

Thirty years has passed since Rob Simon opened our first store and the Simon family wants Windsor Jewelers to continue to be your family-owned, local jeweler in Charlotte and Winston-Salem for many more years to come. For engagements, birthdays, celebrations, milestones;  even that “I’m worth it!” moment, we strive to be your hometown jeweler for life!