How to Personalize Your Watch with Custom Watch Straps

We all remember the Swatch craze from the 1980’s; people expressing their individuality through a brightly-colored plastic watch and custom band. It was fun. You’re a little more sophisticated now, but, somehow, you still crave that statement of individuality and uniqueness when it comes to your watch. The good news is that custom watch straps are all the rage even today. And swapping out your old strap for the new one is easy. Most customers do it themselves, but we are here if you need a helping hand.Panerai

See the Difference

This Panerai Radiomir is a great watch and looks good with its original untreated brown leather strap and cream stitching (top). But, take a look at it when the plain brown leather strap is upgraded with a textured and mottled giraffe skin strap (bottom). It’s amazing!

The extra width of the custom strap combined with the tribal side stitching and pattern of the giraffe skin really make the black ceramic case stand out. This watch now directly mirrors the adventurous personGiraffe Skin Bandality of the man who wears it.


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Express Your Personality

That’s really the whole point to upgrading to a custom strap – to express your personality and add character to your watch. These days, there are so many styles of custom watch bands to choose from and they’re made from the most unique materials. If you’re into high tech, a real carbon fiber watch band might just be in order. Maybe you’re into baseball and want to show off your love of the sport? Well, you can.

Straps with an outdoor theme

If you thrive outdoors and admire vintage gear, a strap made from canvas and leather can really show off your tendencies for wanderlust.

Exotic bands

Having a love for the rare and exotic won’t keep you out of the custom watch strap club. How about a strap made from beaver tail? Or brown cane toad? Or even stingray?

Exotic leather bands

You can expect basic custom leather watch straps to start in the $200 range. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the more exotic and customized the strap is, the higher the price will be.

Sweat the Details

Custom bucklesYou also have a number of possibilities when it comes to customizing the buckle and clasp on your new strap. From torched ammo casings to Damascus steel etched with acid, the sky is just about the limit. You can even have a buckle that reflects your favorite pastime: airplanes, for example.

WhethCustom watch buckleser you’re sporting a Panerai, TAG Heuer, Tudor, or Rolex, there are a myriad of options for handmade custom watch straps and buckles that will give your awesome timepiece an extra jolt of style and make it a true one-of-a-kind… like you. So come by either one of our stores in Winston-Salem or Charlotte and let ourCustom Buckles and Clasps watch experts help you create and order the ideal custom watch straps (there’s no reason to just have one!) to complement your watch. We know exactly what measurements to take so you can rest assured that your custom strap will fit perfectly – the first time.