How to Simply Express Your Love: Personalized Pendants


These days it can be challenging to find ways to express your feelings to the special people in your life. This can be especially true if you want to let jewelry to do the talking for you. An ostentatious piece will say too much but a lesser piece might not quite capture your sentiment. What to do? Look no further than the new Charles Krypell “A Love Story” collection of personalized pendants to help you express how you feel in the perfect way.

Fresh, youthful and always on trend, these Charles Krypell necklaces are part of one the most important sterling collections to debut in the last 25 years. Krypell says, “I was looking to broaden my base by offering pieces with intrinsic value that are aesthetically beautiful. There are many occasions to purchase jewelry as a gift and not all of them are milestone birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes we just want to celebrate the moment without spending a fortune.”

The Love of a Family

Windsor personalized pendantsWindsor PendantsTrying to tell your wife or mother or grandmother how the whole family feels? The Love Hearts section of the A Love Story Collection is just the right solution of personalized necklaces. Love  Hearts are multiple hearts with Charles Krypell’s iconic ivy pattern in sterling silver that represent the entire family on a chain. Large hearts are for Mom or Grandmother and the small hearts represent the children of the family. By using laser engraving for personalization, the names of each family member are forever etched into the pendants. Plus, male and female hearts are further distinguished with a blue sapphire for boys and a pink sapphire for girls. The beauty of this collection is how the hearts overlap in a playful manner and how simply they let the wearer know your love them – with style and a personal touch.

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Just the Two of You

Personalized PendantsPersonalized PendantsSo, you need to express how you feel to the love of your life. The “Two Hearts Beat as One” pendants are just the ticket. These stylish pendants, two hearts with an ivy pattern in sterling silver, are bound by one chain representing your love. One heart says “Two Hearts” on the back and the other says “Beat as One.” This is a great way to discreetly say I love you in a sentimental way.  She can keep the words close to her heart always.

Something Other Than Hearts

Windsor Personalized PendantsWindsor Personalized PendantsHearts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so the A Love Story Collection also includes Hugs and Kisses pendants represented by the traditional “X” and “O” in sterling silver. The back of the O is adorned with the word Hugs and the X with Kisses. This is the perfect way to tell her how you feel in a sweet yet stylish way.

The chains for all of the necklaces come in 21” and 32” lengths, depending on the size of the pendants you select; large or small. Engraving typically takes 4-5 days as it is conducted at the Charles Krypell headquarters in New York City. The collection pieces are also available in yellow or rose gold by special order. A special order typically takes about 10 days to arrive back at our store.

The complete A Love Story Collection is available through our Winston-Salem and Charlotte stores. So come by either one of our locations and have our jewelry experts help you select the perfect personalized pendants that express your love, no matter who the recipient is, simply and effortlessly.