Looking for Diamonds with the Most Sparkle?

Mankind has been cutting diamonds for hundreds of years. In all this time, one would think that we finally have the process down and that diamonds are as good as they are going to get from a brilliance and sparkle standpoint. Not quite. There’s been another leap in the quest for diamonds with the most sparkle.

Recently, Forevermark, a premiere diamond brand from the De Beers Company, launched a new generation of diamonds called Black Label. Encompassing five shapes – round, square, cushion, oval and heart – this exclusive collection is cut with supreme symmetry and unprecedented accuracy.

Forevermark Black Label Round Forevermark Black Label Square Forevermark Black Label Cushion Forevermark Black Label Oval Forevermark Black Label Heart

Most other diamonds experience “light leakage” as they don’t reflect all of the light that they take in. Not a Black Label diamond. Superior symmetry nearly eliminates any light leakage. The result: these diamonds really unleash a dazzling light!

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How Does Forevermark Do It?

Black Label light diagramAchieving the ultra-symmetry of a Black Label diamond takes expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to precisely create and perfectly place the facets of the diamond. After decades of studying how light passes through a diamond, the artisans at Forevermark have determined that a symmetrical arrow pattern is the key to making a Black Label diamond sparkle like no other.

What are Customers Saying?

It’s always interesting to hear feedback from our customers. Here are a few things we’ve heard:

  1. Customers who have purchased a Black Label diamond from Windsor Jewelers love the sparkle and exceptional light performance. It’s like nothing they’ve seen before.
  2. Having a number of fancy shapes to choose from is also an attractive aspect of the collection. Until now, to get that maximum sparkle, customers were limited to round cuts. Not anymore!
  3. They love that Forevermark diamonds come from the top 1% of the most beautiful diamonds in the world and that these exceptional diamonds are mined in a humane and environmentally friendly fashion.

What Settings Look the Best with Black Label Diamonds?

Forevermark Black Label settingIn all honesty, just about any setting will work well for these diamonds. Because of their exceptional light performance, it is virtually impossible to detract from their beauty. Whether it’s a solitaire ring or a styled ring, such as a halo, three stone, or vintage style, the Black Label diamond really brings the mounting to life.

Can Windsor Help Me with a Custom Setting?

Absolutely! Windsor Jewelers is proud to offer custom design so you can bring your dream ring with a Black Label diamond to life. We have a strong team of dedicated diamond and custom design sales specialists that will coordinate the process. No project is too big or too small for us to help you with. We can also bring new life to jewelry you already own.

Stop by either of our locations in Winston-Salem or Charlotte and talk with our knowledgeable diamond specialists. They’ll show you first hand why Forevermark Black Label are the diamonds with the most sparkle.