Six Benefits of Watches vs Phones You Need to Know

Devices for telling time have been around for thousands of years and the wristwatch has been commonplace for well over 100 years, now. With the hectic pace of life today and the necessity to manage time, it would seem logical that just about everyone would have a watch. That’s not exactly the case, though. Many people don’t wear a watch. The common reason is that they just look at their phone or computer and know what time it is. That’s well and good, but let’s explore some of the benefits of watches that probably get overlooked.

  1. Watches are Convenient

Having your timepiece on your wrist is much easier and quicker to see the time and date than fumbling for a phone that’s embedded in a pocket or a purse. A simple turn of the wrist and voila – you know what time it is. It’s interesting to note how cell phone manufacturers have introduced “wearable” technology. Their goal seems to be to make your phone as convenient and accessible as a wristwatch. Fitness trackers are the same – you wear them on your wrist. This is a telling sign that a watch is more convenient for checking and managing time than a mobile phone.

  1. Watches Reflect Your Personality

People have an innate need to express their individuality and watches are as individualistic as cars or clothing. There are formal watches, sport watches, day-to-day watches, luxury watches… even adventure watches. You can literally find a watch to fit just about every personality and lifestyle. Mobile phones, on the other hand, all pretty much look the same these days. The way we “individualize” them is by wrapping them in a protective rubber case.

A collection of great watches

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  1. Watches are Works of Art

It takes hundreds of precision-made parts combined with strict operating tolerances to create today’s premier watches. Only skilled craftsmen with years of experience can produce such works of art and do it successfully. It also takes the eye and the imagination of a true artisan to conceive of the stylish designs of elite watches. Interesting and varied through the use of different materials and interpretive styles, a watch is a work of art and is meant to be worn with pride for others to see. Just look at these fantastic pieces from Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Patek Philippe
  1. Watches are Collectible

One of the great things about watches, and not to sound cliché, is that they stand the test of time. With a little care and maintenance, a quality watch can last for generations. In many cases, watches become valuable family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. This longevity translates into a tangible value that makes connoisseurs of great watches into collectors. Old mobile phones, at best, get recycled.

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  1. Watches are Durable

Tough and made to withstand the punishment of extreme outdoor activities and crushing pressures underwater, watches exemplify durable. When was the last time you went into the ocean with your phone in your pocket? Phones are delicate. One drop and the screen glass is cracked and in need of expensive repair. Remember that protective rubber case mentioned earlier? Most of us tend to buy a cover to protect our phones, which also happens to cover up what little design personality the phone has. Nobody puts a rubber cover on their Tag Heuer.


  1. Watches Convey Status

There is a certain cachet and prestige that comes with owning and wearing a superior quality watch. It shows to others that you appreciate attention to detail, adherence to high standards, and precision. Especially in business settings, wearing a top-tier watch conveys a certain status that your phone, unfortunately, never will.

So let go of your phone as a your “timepiece.” Show off who you are and what you’re all about with a quality wristwatch instead. Come down to either of our locations in Winston-Salem or Charlotte and have our Timepiece Specialists show you in person the benefits of watches. Then, pick out the perfect extension of your personality and style.