To Turn Heads, Turn to These Trendy Jewelry Designers in 2017

When it comes to fashion jewelry, most people tend to think of gold necklaces and diamonds cleverly and artistically melded together to form the staple of the jewelry world. This perspective, while not altogether out of touch, is somewhat limited. The reality is that there are a vast number of choices in colors, textures, and materials to perfectly enhance any fashion ensemble and communicate just the right statement about you. Making those colors, textures, and materials all work in concert is no easy task, though, and takes the keen eye and inspiration of a true design artisan. Let’s explore five trendy jewelry designers and some of their work available right now with the help of Windsor Sales Associate, Cortney Matier.

“There’s something for just about everyone and every taste.”

Cortney Matier, AJP (GIA)

Lauren K RingUnique and Bright Colors: Lauren K and Sydney Evan

For those of you who embrace bold colors to express your personality and individuality, you’ve got some great choices in design and style. “Black opals from the Lauren K Collection are a hit right now,” says Matier. These exquisite stones really dazzle with swirling colors ranging from bluish-greens to fiery oranges. The price? This black opal and diamond ring runs right around the $13,000 mark.

Lauren K earringsAnother example from the Lauren K Collection is this pair of suggelite earrings. Notice how the brilliant purple is offset by lighter and darker textured tones making an engaging, eye-catching complement to formal and casual attire alike.

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Sydney Evan gemstone bracelet“Sydney Evan’s gemstone bead bracelets are also a big hit right now, featuring the color and fun women are looking for in spring and summer,” mentions Matier. Color and fun, indeed! Just look at this stunning berry jade bracelet featuring a 5/8-inch, 14k yellow gold and diamond “love” bead ($905). Within the gemstone line of bracelets, you can get just about any color in the rainbow that your heart desires. “These bracelets are perfect for stacking and complement everyone’s existing jewelry collection,” she adds.

Elegant and Understated: John Hardy and Charles Krypell

Not everyone is drawn to the bold and dramatic. Some people prefer elegant and understated jewelry. If that is you, you’re in luck. “John Hardy has made a beautiful line for the spring collection. We are seeing soft colors in moonstone and turquoise,” says Matier.


Here are a couple of great examples of John Hardy rings. The one on the left is featuring rainbow moonstone and lava blue sapphires ($2,150), while the one on the right is adorned with a turquoise orb ($495). Both are made with sterling silver and have decorative etching to further enhance the visual appeal of the overall piece.

According to Matier, “Charles Krypell has come out with a beautiful pink mother of pearl collection which accents nicely with his ivy lace pattern.” Just look at these earrings with the soft color of the mother of pearl topped by the classic Krypell ivy lace design in sterling silver. Versatility meets glamour in these earrings! Price: $770.

Charles Krypell mother of pearl earrings

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Charles Krypell fans take note! Charles Krypell himself will be in person May 5th, 2017 at the Charlotte store and May 6th at our Winston Salem location for a show featuring his latest designs.

Fun and Eye Catching: Dog Fever and Cat Fever

So, your perfect fashion jewelry is more along the lines of something whimsical that will start a conversation. Look no further than Dog Fever and Cat Fever. Both Dog Fever and Cat Fever are unique fashion lines of sterling silver jewelry that symbolize the bond between you and your best furry friend. “Dog Fever, and now Cat Fever, Hug Rings are very much customer favorites. They’re very fun lines that are popular with all age groups,” comments Matier.

Sterling silver Hug Rings run about $220 and the hand painted enameled Hug Rings are around $360. With over 40 breeds to select from, you’re bound to find one to represent your beloved pet. If your pet has unique markings, Dog Fever and Cat Fever artisans in Milan, Italy are able to custom paint any breed for a small fee. Matier also makes note of the fact that, “A portion of sales of Dog Fever and Cat Fever goes to benefit our local humane society. People feel great about immortalizing their four-legged friends while helping out other animals in our community.”

Have a little fun this spring and summer with some new fashion jewelry that makes a statement and begs people to notice. All of these trendy jewelry designer brands and more are available at Windsor. Just stop by either of our locations and we’ll help you pick out the best match for your personality and look.

Take note of these upcoming in store events!

We have our “Watch and Style” event featuring LaurenK, TAG Heuer and William Henry Knives on May 13th 2017 in the Charlotte store and May 12th in the Winston Salem location.  Representatives will be there with additional and new product offerings!

Charles Krypell fans take note! Charles Krypell himself will be in person May 5th, 2017 at the Charlotte store and May 6th at our Winston Salem location for a show featuring his latest designs.