Why Are Diamond Stud Earrings So Alluring?

When you think of stud earrings, an image of diamond studs probably pops into your mind straight away. Why is that? What makes diamond stud earrings so alluring?

loose diamondIt’s the Sparkle

Perhaps the most obvious reason why people gravitate toward diamond earrings is the fact that they have the ability to sparkle like no other gem. Who can really resist the glitter of a well-cut diamond? At Windsor Jewelers, we carry the finest DeBeers diamonds in the ForeverMark brand. In fact, even our “non-branded” diamond studs are all handpicked and certified by a Gemological Institute of America certified appraiser.

They Say a Lot About You

Classic Diamond studs are typically a symbol that the woman who wears them is loved and special to someone. Not that you can’t wear a pair of diamond studs if you’re single and loving it, mind you. If you want to exude an aura of confidence and sophistication, wear a set of diamond earrings. When it comes to making a modern woman look on-trend wherever she is, nothing can beat letting diamonds do the talking for you.

Diamonds are Always in Fashion

Diamond studsDiamond studs are very versatile as they can be worn every day, or dressed up for a special occasion. Wear your earrings when you want to feel special, like on that special date night out, or when you’re going to visit family and friends that you haven’t seen for some time. Even, everyday wear! Seriously, they go with anything. They’re also a great, simple option for formal events. If you have only one piece of jewelry to use for the remainder of your life, you’d probably be hard pressed to find a better overall choice than diamond stud earrings. They’re always in fashion.

They’re Rare and Valuable

It literally took Mother Nature billions of years to create the diamonds that we unearth today. That’s a long lead time. And, they’re found in only a handful of places on the earth. With that said, it’s no wonder that the rarity and value of diamonds contributes greatly to the allure of diamond stud earrings. Plus, they really hold their value.

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Quality That Lasts

The quality of diamonds is another attribute that sets them apart. You have so many choices of cuts that you’re sure to find one that fits your look. Each particular cut has its own distinct way of reflecting light back to the eye, so also have options when it comes to light performance.

The purity of the diamond crystal is also a quality that can be like no other jewel. A truly colorless diamond with no inclusions is very hard to find. But many come close. Put that quality into a pair of earrings and they will last many lifetimes. That’s why many women purchase a nice set of diamond studs with the intent of passing them on to future generations. There are many replicas in the form of costume jewelry. But, YOU will know the difference!

Ok, now that you’re convinced regarding what makes diamonds so alluring, click here for some very helpful information on how to choose a quality diamond. Then, stop by one of our stores in Charlotte or Winston-Salem and our diamond specialists can show you firsthand how amazing a pair of classic diamond stud earrings can be.