How Did The Local Jeweler Come To Be?

To understand the importance Windsor Jewelers has played in the community for the past 30 years, we need to take a look back at a little of the history of the local jeweler.

During the 19th century in America, jewelry became a common and available accessory. Small one-artist studios started making room for larger workshops that manufactured many more pieces, increasing availability. Diamond jewelry and especially diamond engagement rings, became widely popular among the genteel set, increasing the demand. This paved the way for local merchants to customize and open their own specialty jewelry shops to meet the new demand.

As the industry expanded, so did the choices and accessibility. The local jeweler became a fixture in town along with the grocer and the dress shop to serve the needs of the community. Today for those who prefer to “buy local” and build a lifelong relationship, the local jeweler has become the choice of many looking to get engaged or commemorate a special occasion. Many people prefer to see the sparkle in person before they invest in a piece of jewelry, timepiece or diamond. Working with your local jeweler ensures that you have a relationship with someone who appreciates your tastes, style, needs and budget.

Windsor Winston Salem staff

Our staff of jewelry and timepiece specialists in the Winston-Salem, NC location.

A local jeweler is also your best choice if you want something truly customized. Custom design reflects the uniqueness of personal style, and sets Windsor Jewelers apart from online and big box stores. Customization for any piece of jewelry, or a special request to update an heirloom piece works best when you can sit face to face with a designer and discuss your vision and lifestyle.

Flexibility and a wide scale of options to meet most budgets is key for our customers, which is why we make every effort to cater to those needs. At Windsor Jewelers we make it a priority to provide high quality diamonds, jewelry and fine Swiss timepieces at every price point along with convenient and quick access to repair, cleaning, jewelry customization on-site and impeccable customer service.

Windsor Jewelers is a part of the community in which we live. At Windsor Jewelers there has always been an incentive to be a lifelong resource that can be relied upon – much more than just a storefront. We are an ardent supporter of many charities, lending not only financial support but also time and efforts to the communities we serve.

Windsor Charlotte Staff

The professional team at our Charlotte, NC Windsor Jewelers location

Throughout time, some things about jewelry have never changed. Special pieces passed down through the generations as precious keepsakes, each filled with memories that connect us to generations past, present and future. When you want to find that special gift, you need a relationship with a jeweler that can give you extraordinary personal service. We’re so very proud of Windsor Jeweler’s history as North Carolina’s premier independent jewelry store and for all it’s represented for 30 years and counting. It’s hard to imagine what celebrations, big and small, would be like without Windsor Jewelers!