What is a Chronograph Watch and Why Do You Need One?

You’ve heard of the chronograph watch but aren’t quite sure what it is – or why anyone would need one, for that matter. Not to worry. We’re experts on chronographs. Let’s take a deep-dive into this fantastic type of timepiece that many have adorned on their wrists for generations. History of the Chronograph The term chronograph comes […]

Why Are Diamond Stud Earrings So Alluring?

When you think of stud earrings, an image of diamond studs probably pops into your mind straight away. Why is that? What makes diamond stud earrings so alluring? It’s the Sparkle Perhaps the most obvious reason why people gravitate toward diamond earrings is the fact that they have the ability to sparkle like no other […]

Who Still Builds a Fantastic Handmade Luxury Watch?

Do watchmakers really take a hands-on approach in today’s world of automation and mass production? Yes! One in particular takes it to the extreme and continues the time-honored craft of building a fantastic handmade luxury watch: Jaeger-LeCoultre. Nestled in the Jura mountains of northwestern Switzerland, there’s a sprawling manufacturing facility that houses all the various […]

7 Custom Designed Jewelry Myths (and How We Bust Them)

  So, you’ve been searching for that perfect piece of jewelry and you just can’t seem to find it… anywhere. You will know it when you see it, you keep telling yourself, because you have a vision of it in your head. Going the route of having your vision custom made has also crossed your […]

To Turn Heads, Turn to These Trendy Jewelry Designers in 2017

When it comes to fashion jewelry, most people tend to think of gold necklaces and diamonds cleverly and artistically melded together to form the staple of the jewelry world. This perspective, while not altogether out of touch, is somewhat limited. The reality is that there are a vast number of choices in colors, textures, and […]

The Killer New Trend in Luxury Watches You Need to See

It wasn’t too long ago that the latest design trend in the automobile industry was to incorporate retro design elements of decades past. Just about every manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon to have some type of retro vibe embedded in their new cars. Customers loved it. Now, the new trend in luxury watches seems very […]

Six Benefits of Watches vs Phones You Need to Know

Devices for telling time have been around for thousands of years and the wristwatch has been commonplace for well over 100 years, now. With the hectic pace of life today and the necessity to manage time, it would seem logical that just about everyone would have a watch. That’s not exactly the case, though. Many […]

Looking for Diamonds with the Most Sparkle?

Mankind has been cutting diamonds for hundreds of years. In all this time, one would think that we finally have the process down and that diamonds are as good as they are going to get from a brilliance and sparkle standpoint. Not quite. There’s been another leap in the quest for diamonds with the most […]

3 Reasons Your Automatic Watch is Not Keeping Time

It’s a little frustrating, isn’t it? You have a luxury automatic watch and after what seems like a short period of time, it is not keeping accurate time. But, it’s automatic. You specifically purchased it with that feature in mind so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it not keeping time. Why is this […]

How to Simply Express Your Love: Personalized Pendants

  These days it can be challenging to find ways to express your feelings to the special people in your life. This can be especially true if you want to let jewelry to do the talking for you. An ostentatious piece will say too much but a lesser piece might not quite capture your sentiment. […]