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The evolution of the wristwatch

When looking at the history of how the wristwatch came to be, it’s interesting to see how the military and many of today’s famous brands all played a role in its evolution. Prior to the 1900s, the only choice was a pocket watch. When wristlets became available in the 1900s, they were more popular with

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Three Stunning Watch Brands Every Woman Should Own

Many women enjoy purchasing a luxury watch – to commemorate a special occasion, to add to their collection or to make a new statement. Whatever your reason for selecting an exceptional timepiece, there are several brands we know you’ll love. Learn about the heritage, style and characteristics of these luxury watches for women – to

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Bell & Ross: The Most Attractive Way to Keep Time

While an everyday watch can keep you on track, isn’t it time you owned a watch that raises the bar and makes a statement of its own? Bell & Ross, a luxury French watch brand, is the perfect choice for aviation enthusiasts and anyone desiring a bold and unique design. John Mayer, a fan and

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